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Alan Garrett

Alan Garrett , was born and raised in Wichita, Ks. He started photography in 2017 while in college at Kansas State University. In search of finding his own style, he started capturing his Fraternity and events around campus. His work is personal and intimate with intense storytelling. He specializes in Family and Personal Portraits, Events, Fashion, and Lifestyle. 

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Jayden "FlemDoggyDogg" Fleming, HOU

“Loud’s work is a testament to his name, Loud! His attention to detail and ability to curate a vision while keeping models engaged, comfortable and included through out the process is what separates him from the pack. More than a photo, loud truly captures moments in time

Grayson Work-Fields, NC

“I’ve worked with Loudkicks multiple times for different occasions and it’s been a hit every time. He makes every shoot feel personable and lets you add your own twist to them. The turn around from shoot to having your file is extremely fast. I know who I’m going to anytime I’m in town.

Tarrance C. Floyd II, KS

“LoudKicks Photography is a testament to the character and passion of LoudKicks himself. He takes pride in his work, and it shines through with every snap of the camera lens. Very personable and will turn any shoot into an event, never a dull moment. My go to recommendation for anyone needing pictures in the city and the surrounding areas. ”
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